Adjustable Under Sofa Toy Blocker Under Furniture Gap Bumper


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Producut Highlights:
You will get a roll toy blocker for under couch and a roll adhesive mounting strap,no more toys or items rolling under your furniture or sofa.
Size:The length of the couch toy blocker can be adjusted to fit the space and different heights under your couch,adhesive mounting straps make it easier and more beautiful to attach to the corners of the sofa.
High Quality:Our under couch blocker is made of high quality fabric,durable and sturdy, stretchy and not easy to break or deform,you can use them for many times.
Easy To Use:You can stick adhesive mounting strap around the sofa leg,then let the end of the toy blocker for under couch stick on the adhesive mounting strap to secure it.It doesn’t stick to your floor or furniture and effectively stop dust and toys from entering the bottom of the sofa.
Wide Application:It can not only be used as couch toy blocker, but also as couch sectional connectors;Wrap our rubber strips around your sofa’s legs to secure it and prevent it from sliding the sofa,then you can rest comfortably.As gap bumper can be used not only under the couch, but under other furniture too such as beds, tables, cupboards etc.

Product Information:
Material: Nylon,Plastic
Color: Black
Under couch blocker:11cm*2m/11cm*3m/11cm*6m
Adhesive mounting strap:50cm

Package List:
1 Roll Under couch blocker
1 Roll Adhesive mounting strap

How to use:
Steps 1:Stick the toy blocker strap on one sofa leg
Steps 2:Stick on it ,and then pull to next sofa leg
Steps 3:Stick to the final sofa leg you want to blocked area ,then cut the extra strap if needed ,all will be done


2M, 3M, 6M


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